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The coolest place to make art year-round!

Kid's Art Classes

Art is a process, art is fun! Join us at the studio for a fun & educational session.
Choose from painting, drawing, sculpture, or mixed media lessons.

This is the room where ART happens!

In The ArtRoom, our goal is for the students to explore, create, and develop ideas.

We provide the inspiration, materials, and guidance for creativity in order to

produce original art from original ideas, utilizing a variety of media.

The ArtRoom is dedicated to providing individualized instruction, building
upon existing skills, and helping students develop their own personal style.

In the ArtRoom, your child's safety and well-being is important.

Class size will be limited to no more than SIX students per session.

All supplies, surfaces, and touchpoints will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


Drawing & Painting

Students will experiment with form, line, shape, texture and value and make use of such creative art materials as pencil, brushes, pastels and more. We will discuss line types, shading, contour, 3-D, texture, building tone, sketching, etc. We will be making bold and modern paintings using shape, line, and color to form contemporary pieces.

Kids explore styles ranging from Pop Art to Pointillism and everything in between, with some art history mixed in.
Future sessions will add new projects into the rotation.

Mixed Media & Printmaking

We’ll make art as green as we can! Beautiful art can be created with things we normally would throw away. And we will mix it up with different art materials.
Sessions will cover the following subjects: surface treatments, additive techniques, resist, and subtracted techniques.

Plus, exploring the art of printing with a variety of tools is always fun and a just a little messy! But that's art!
Future sessions will add new projects into the rotation.


Sculpture & More!

Sculpture is an artistic form in which hard or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. We'll also be making amazing sculptures with things we normally would throw away.
Drawing another way - with paper - means the only thing needed is a pair of scissors, paper and imagination!

And when we build in's gonna be good! Building boats, robots, animals, houses, it's too many to list.

Future sessions will add new projects into the rotation.


My daughter always has a blast at The Art Room summer camp. It's the highlight of her summer. She always brings home hangable creations that she loves to see on our walls. She'll be back next year!
     ~ Mrs. Fuller


My daughter has loved the ArtRoom ever since she was 7 yrs old. She's now 11 and still going to the ArtRoom! She loves coming home with her projects, and the classes are a good balance of guidance and freedom to create. She looks forward to going every summer. I highly recommend!

       ~ Mrs. Lou


My daughter absolutely loved everything about art camp! She cant wait to go back. Thank you so much!

        ~ Mrs. Mann


My 7-year old loves her sculpture art camp week. She brought home so many creative sculptures. She could go to Tippie's ArtRoom everyday if I let her.

        ~ Mrs. Nguyen

500 Terry Francois St.
San Francisco, CA 94158

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